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Bonjour from Paris!

I took French classes my sophomore and junior year of high school and have forever had a sweet spot for the place and wanting to visit. 20 years later, it has come to fruition and it was an incredible experience!

Jamye’s Journey included:

Tourist Attraction-Eiffel Tower

Art-Musee du Louvre

Hotel- Sheraton Paris Hotel Conference Center

History- Notre Dame

Beauty- Glass Pyramids

Transportation-Metro Train and Uber

Shopping- Aeroville

Food- Café Brasserie for Pizza

Pastries-Paul Cafe

Things to Know: It was freezing cold in March, dress comfortably, unfortunately pick pocketers are common (yes someone tried to take my backpack but  he gave it back when I confronted him), the people were very friendly and helpful, the train is fairly easy to navigate. Lastly, the bread really is divine!

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