Aloha Hawaii

Aloha from Hawaii! What a fabulous trip if I say so myself. Want to know what I did?

Beach-Waikiki Beach for the sunset.
Hike-Manoa Falls for the view of the waterfall.
Food- Spada for the pizza.
Beauty-Halona Blow for the breathtaking views.
Relax-Hanauma Bay for the blue water.
Nature-Hoomalahuia Botanical Garden for captivating nature.
Breakfast-Scratch Kitchen for the crème brulee French toast.
Dessert- Dole Pineapple Icecream.
Drinks-Mai Tai Bar.
Entertainment-Honolulu Zoo.
Adventure-Kualoa Ranch for horseback riding.

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Bonjour from Paris!

I took French classes my sophomore and junior year of high school and have forever had a sweet spot for the place and wanting to visit. 20 years later, it has come to fruition and it was an incredible experience!

Jamye’s Journey included:

Tourist Attraction-Eiffel Tower

Art-Musee du Louvre

Hotel- Sheraton Paris Hotel Conference Center

History- Notre Dame

Beauty- Glass Pyramids

Transportation-Metro Train and Uber

Shopping- Aeroville

Food- Café Brasserie for Pizza

Pastries-Paul Cafe

Things to Know: It was freezing cold in March, dress comfortably, unfortunately pick pocketers are common (yes someone tried to take my backpack but  he gave it back when I confronted him), the people were very friendly and helpful, the train is fairly easy to navigate. Lastly, the bread really is divine!

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Adventures in Thailand

Oh Thailand, what can I say? This was one of the most interesting trips thus far. After being advised not to eat the food nor drink the water I still got sick! I pushed through the sickness after 3 days of being bed ridden and the adventures began….

Where did I visit:

Day 1: Bangkok Thailand known for it’s ancient Buddhist tradition. First stop was the temple of the Golden Buddha.

Day 4:Depart to Damnoen Saduak floating market for the ride a long speedboat  where you can purchase produce and handcraft goods.

Day5: River Kwai known as “Death Railway” of the World War 2 and home of 9000 Allied war graves.

Day 5: Elephant Sancturary, here we prepared food for, fed and bathed beautiful rescued Elephants.

Day 6:River Kwai-Ayuthaya, home to the UNESCO listed ruins of the medieval capital Siam. We strolled around the remains. Next up was the Tiger Sanctuary where we sat with the most gorgeous creatures.

Day 6 Evening: Beach action and cocktails at Long Beach Garden Hotel and Spa

Day 7: Ayutthaya-Pattaya, a popular vacation area with entertainment and theme parks the gemstone factory is also located here. I purchased the most exquisite gemstone ring.

Thailand was such a lively place with wonderful people and lots to see and do.

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Ni Hao from Beijing, China!

Beijing, China was the best! The people, architecture and food were amazing.

First stop was Qianmen Street a commercial and entertainment area, then off to Tiananmen Square known as the Imperials Palace. Next stop was the forbidden city, compromised of 800 buildings covering 720,000 sq meters, it’s known as the world’s largest palace complex.

Day two of my trip was visiting one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China, such a massive defensive structure, originally built to keep intruders from invading the mainland. Lastly, Sacred Way leading to the Ming Tombs, known as one of the most skillfully carved monuments.

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See you later, friend!

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Wah Gwan Jamaica!

Why It took me so long to get here, I have no idea, but is was well worth the wait!

The people, food, beaches, partying, hospitality and culture is everything!

I stayed at the Deja Resort in Montego Bay Jamaica, a not so fancy place however the
customer service was awesome, drinks were strong and it was directly across from the beach.

After relaxing on the beach and eating myself nearly sick I finally stepped out to party
at Margaritaville and I ended my trip on a 6 zipline adventure in Montpelier, Jamaica.

Jamaica owes me nothing and I’m looking forward to heading back sooner than later!

See you later, friend!


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